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STRAWMAN PROPOSAL: MCP Closures – Temporary & Permanent Solutions

The proposal below (MS Word or PDF download) outlines possible changes to the MCP that are being considered. This is a “strawman” proposal, intended to stimulate discussion and generate creative ideas – as discussed at the March 22, 2012 Advisory Committee meeting (audio, PowerPoint). The proposal is not a commitment to any specific concept. MassDEP is currently developing draft regulations loosely based on the concepts described below. Any comments – the earlier the better – are welcome.  Please post them to the MassDEP Reg Reform blog below (“Leave a Comment”) or email to Paul.Locke@state.ma.us.  There will be a formal public comment period where additional comments will be solicited.



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  1. And yes, the A-2/B-1 typo was intentional to make a point about how confusing the RAO codes can be, even to people who should know better…

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