Updated Toxicity Value Tables

MassDEP has updated the list of revised toxicity values provided for and discussed at the February 3, 2012 Standards meeting.

The new documents can be downloaded here:

– Nancy Bettinger, MassDEP Office of Research & Standards (Nancy.Bettinger@state.ma.us)


One Response

  1. As the USEPA has indicated in the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) update for TCE (accessed online at http://www.epa.gov/iris/),

    “because the ADAF adjustment applies only to the kidney cancer component of the total cancer risk estimate, the impact of the adjustment to full lifetime risk is minimal and the adjustment might reasonably be omitted, given the greater complexity of the ADAF calculations for TCE.”

    ARCADIS agrees with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Research and Standards not to require the use of the ADAFs for human health risk characterizations of TCE or for the derivation of media protective standards for TCE under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.

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